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C.E.S. Specialty Diamond Saw Blade

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Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Usually ships from C.E.S. Warehouse within 24hrs

Cutting Edge Supply's Specialty Diamond Blades are very different than a typical lapidary saw blade. These electroplated diamond blades are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways for different applications. These saw blades are thick and rigid which makes for a long lasting, sturdy, and durable blade for production/intense jobs. (Please check the Kerf Chart below before purchasing.)

The rigidity of the blade makes it great for grinding/shaping materials on the electroplated sides of the blade. This blade can be used on a trim saw, slab saw, angle grinder, and other equipment with a 5/8in Arbor.

Cutting Edge Supply's Specialty Diamond Blades have a slightly domed edge. They are electroplated with #150g Diamond on the edge, as well as on the sides. The diamond plating can cut stone, glass, tile, ceramic, and other hard materials.

This blade can be used wet or dry. However, extreme safety measures need to be used if cutting dry. The blade will also not last as long if you are cutting without any lubricant.

This blade can be used for:

- Shaping Cabochons after trimming

- Slabbing/Trimming Large Inexpensive Materials

- Masonry Cutting (Pavers, Bricks, Blocks, Tile, and Stone)

- Shaping/Trimming Glass

- Cutting, Carving, or Slicing large sculptures

- Concrete/Granite/Marble Cutting

Kerf Sizes:

4in - 1.35mm Kerf

5in - 1.6mm Kerf

6in - 1.85mm Kerf

8in - 2.00mm Kerf

10in - 2.10mm Kerf

Arbor Hole: 5/8in (For All Sizes)

Saw Blade Sizes: 4in - 10in Blades

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