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Jewelry/Lapidary Schools
Rock Clubs

Cutting Edge Supply loves the industries we supply to and we want to give back to help in all ways we can! If you are a School, College, Academy, or Club we have a surprise for you!

Product Discounts

Cutting Edge Supply offers pricing discounts for any Educational Institution. Contact us for more details on bulk ordering and prices. We will be happy to help!

Cutting Edge Supply cherishes the relationships, skills, and experiences that happen during trade shows, schools, and clubs. We want to ensure everyone has the tooling needed to learn their arts and places to go to learn.

Special Shipping Rates

Cutting Edge Supply has the ability to get highly discounted shipping rates to ensure we can get you the tools you need at a good price. We will package your items with care and thought to get the lowest shipping rates possible. We will then bill you after we have gotten the weights with our discounted shipping rates.

Government Agencies

We are happy to help with any purchases through government agencies. We can provide information and align the shipping so that everything runs smoothly.

Can You Issue a Purchase Order?

Cutting Edge Supply will accept purchase orders from valid clients. Contact us to be put on our list of Approved Purchasers. (Must be a Government Agency or School/Academy.)

Can C.E.S. Provide a W-9 Form?

Cutting Edge Supply can provide a current W-9 form to particular clients when requested. To request this form please email us at

Can we be marked as Tax-Exempt?

Government Agencies can be marked as tax-exempt. We will require the some paperwork beforehand. Please contact us for more info.

How do we pay?

Cutting Edge Supply can provide a few different options for purchasing. Checks can be mailed to our head office. Please make payable to: Cutting Edge Supply. We also can run debit/credit cards over the phone or through secure emails. We do not keep any credit/debit info on file.

*In most cases orders must be paid for before we can ship.


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