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Wyoming Jade Slabs - 1LBS

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Vendor: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs

Pieces: 2-5pcs

Weight: 1LBS of Slabs

Mohs Hardness: 6.5

Location: Wyoming, USA

This is extremely clean Wyoming Jade that was mined in 2020. Wyoming Jade is held in high regard within the Jade community. Wyoming Jade is a nephrite that is considered to be some of the finest jade in the world. Jade is considerably durable and tough, which allows it to be carved, cabbed, and even sometimes faceted.

THIS IS A LOT OF 1LBS! You will receive 1LBS of Wyoming jade slabs. (They may not be the exact ones in the picture.)

This piece has already been sawed and inspected for fractures. All of our Wyoming Jade has been scrutinized and sawed to ensure that there are major fractures or cracks within the stone. If there were any imperfections, it was sawed off. Therefore this material is very solid and TOP QUALITY! Finding slabs of Wyoming Jade that are solid can be very difficult, the mines are running out and quality like this is scarce. This material was mined on a private claim in Wyoming.

This material produces very little undercutting, if any! It polishes fabulous and cuts fairly easily. There is a bit of mineral oil covering the stone in the picture. (This shows you the patterning within the stone.) When polished the jade will stand out even more!