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Wubbers Triangular Mandrel Pliers - Large

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Manufacturer: Wubbers

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The Wubbers Large Triangle Mandrels prove that strength and gentleness can exist in the same tool. These pliers can handle anything from 12- to 28-gauge wire and yet are gentle on your hands, preventing pain and allowing you to work for hours without getting tired. Each pair of these pliers has two different sizes of jaws, and will form as many perfectly matching triangles as you want in seconds. Use strips of sheet metal to form bead frames, bezels, or hollow beads; or, make matching earring components, triangular links, and pendants without measuring. Let the Wubbers Triangle Pliers broaden your design possibilities and keep you on the forefront of the latest design revolution.

  • Length: 6.75?.
  • Large Jaw: 14mm.
  • Small Jaw: 11mm.
  • Rated for use with 20 gauge dead soft sheet metal or lighter and up to 12 gauge dead soft wire.
  • Patented.