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ULTRA TEC V5 (Digital)

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Digital Mast Faceting Machine

Manufacturer: Ultra Tec

Availability: Ships from Supplier, 8-10 week average lead time.

ULTRA TEC provides the advantage of a proven design plus the evolutionary upgrades of advancing technology. No “penny pinching” shortcuts – no untested modifications: all machined components (no castings), all ball bearings (no bushings) plus precision of execution. That adds up to a superior faceting machine – for you.

After evaluating the V5 during its testing phase, under ”real world” conditions, professional faceter John Dyer’s report was “FANTASTIC!!!” (the bold print and 3 exclamation points were his).

Ultra-Tec Faceting Machines are unlike anything else in the market right now. You will find a precision digital mast that easily fastens to the faceting machine, This digital mast allows for precision like never before. On top of that, ANYONE can use this machine. 

Everyone from hobbyists to trained professionals will find that cutting precision gemstones is easy with an Ultra-Tec. Everything on the Ultra-Tec is manufactured to assist with finding success for the cutter. From the bright LED light, to the easy to use drip system, to the wonderful speed control.

If you have any questions about the Ultra-Tec V5, please feel free to contact Cutting Edge Supply. We have a well educated team to assist in sharing plenty of information before your purchase.


V5 machine orders include:
• Base – operates at 110 or 220 VAC
• Mast
• 96 Index Gear
• Driptank
• Transfer Fixture
• Tabling Adapter (45 degree)
• Set of 12 Dops (4, 5, 6, 8mm F.V.C.) – Set of Wrenches
• Drain Hose
• Owner’s Manual

Cutting Edge Supply provides a warranty on this item for 1 year. See Warranty Page for details.