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Sintered Separating Discs

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Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

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These are metal-bonded separating discs meant for carving gemstone, glass, porcelain, and bone. These also can be used when creating jewelry! These separating discs are sintered and have diamond impregnated throughout the entire disc, which means it will cut for an extremely long time. Since they are sintered they also cut very aggressive, yet they leave very little chipping.

The sintered separating discs are metal bonded, however can be brittle if you are using too much force. If the blade gets torqued, bent, or twisted then it will break. EYE PROTECTION IS NECESSARY. Use these blades with precision and delicacy. 

Medium Grit: 0.35mm Blade Width

Super Coarse Grit: 0.60mm Blade Width