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Sintered Copper V-Wheel

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Ultimate Sintered Copper Wheel

Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Wheels are currently out of stock with a 3-4 week lead time.

FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM! (Intercontinental USA only)

Sintered 90 or 60 degree Custom V-wheel* 

This custom v-wheel will last you forever! It is a #1200 diamond grit wheel. There is diamond through the entire bur which means it will never stop cutting! You can redress the edge and keep it sharp and use it forever. It is worth the investment and you will never regret it.

*These are compound edges meaning the 90 degree wheel has an edge of 45 degrees. As for the 60 degree wheel the edge has 30 degrees.

Arbor hole: 1/4"

*We keep a low stock on this item so please be aware of a possible delay of about 2 weeks. We can also redress this wheel for you at anytime. Please contact us about having your wheel redressed.