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Saw Vise - 1100 & 700 Series

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$425.00 - $1,895.00
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Slab Saw Vise

Manufacturer: Covington Engineering

Availability: Ships from supplier, 1-3 day lead time

Used with the 1100 Series Slab Saw and 700 Series Slab Saw

This book-end type of vise holds workpieces of any shape tightly, but the quick release feature allows an easy, no-bind return. The steel jaw tongue contacts the full length of the vise, holding the jaw square so it can't bind. The end grips have a hardwood facing. A cross shaft is included with each vise.

These Slab Saw Vises help you make perfectly straight lines for every single cut when slabbing, trimming, or cutting open geodes. They can also be used to hold your dressing stick when redressing your saw blades.