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Gemstone Carving Polishing Kit

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Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

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This polishing set includes everything you need to create the best quality polish possible for your material. This kit is used with a flex shaft or rotary tool. Very popular among gemstone carvers. All of these products can be found individually on our website!  

The set includes:

-(1) Rubber Bristle Brush Set 

-(3) 10pk Bristle Brushes in: Small, Medium & Large.

-(3) Gem Polishing Compound in Grits: #600 #3000

-(1) 3pk Steel Mandrels 

-(1) 5pk Bristle-End Brushes 

-(1) Cerium Pressure Pad 3/4 inch

-(5) Cutting Edge Supply 3g Syringe in Grits: #300 #600 #3500 #8000 #14000