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Find the tools you need at a great price!
Find the tools you need at a great price!

Polishing End-Plates

Original price $9.50 - Original price $21.35
Original price
$9.50 - $21.35
Current price $9.50
Manufacturer: Diamond Pacific

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs.

These Cabbing Machine Polishing Pads have a rigid plastic back plate with 1 ⁄4"-20 thread bolt that will fit the BigFoot and Pixie (4 inch), Genie, Xpert and Titan (51 ⁄2 inch), and other machines designed for such attachments. (Will work on both CabKings.) All pads have a 1 ⁄4" thick foam rubber backing so they will conform to the shape of your stone. Canvas, leather and felt pads may be used with diamond compound, or other polishes. Leather pads come either smooth or rough side up. When using diamond compound, use a silicone lubricant, such as Gem-Lube.