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Nova Disc

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$52.25 - $93.95
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Nova Sanding and Polishing End Plate

Manufacturer: Diamond Pacific

Availability: Ships from supplier, usually ships within 1-3 days

Nova Discs are ideal for polishing the backs of cabs, nodules, geode faces, and similar flats as well as for sanding and polishing cabs. They have a soft, rubber backing and are slightly convex (domed) so that under the pressure of your stone, they provide an even polishing surface in the middle area often missed with other methods. A standard 14"-20 thread bolt is molded into their plastic back-up plate to fit our Gem-Makers and most other machines accepting that size bolt. See below right to order an adaptor to fit your machine if it is not one of our Gem-Makers.

The 4" Nova Disc is recommended for the BigFoot and Pixie, and the 5 12" is used on the Genie, Xpert, and Titan.

A standard 1⁄4"-20 thread bolt