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"Natural" LL-NAT-Lite Topper Lap

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"Natural" Lightning Lap

Manufacturer: Lightning Laps

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The LL8Lite Natural Lightning Lap is individually crafted to have a smooth, extremely durable polishing surface. 0.125" thick and 1/2"bore. Can be used with any kind of oxide, or diamond polishes (1200-grit or finer). This topper lap is impervious to chemicals as well as high heat. The polishing surface is extremely hard; greater than cast iron. The unique cohesive nature of the Natural Lightning Lap allows freely-applied polishes in oil or water sprays or slurries, to temporarily reside in micro pockets all along the surface and remain there to promote a fine finish. Polishing can be achieved quickly with extremely flat facets.

Apply only enough hand pressure of the stone to the lap until you feel a bit of a "tug or pull" of the stone across the lap surface. Holding on to the stone instead of the quill or dop shank is also a preferred technique. This prevents stress to the dopped joint which can cause your stone to fly off the dop! Lubricants include distilled, IO, purified, or charcoal-filtered, water, silicone, vaseline, oil, WD-40, olive oil, etc; just about anything you choose to use. Clean, pure lubricants are essential to a scratch-free facet surface!

Tap water may contain all manner of impurities. So it's best to stay away from its use. Filtered drinking water is preferred if purer forms of water cannot be obtained. Do NOT reuse water or oils that have been used in the polishing process!! A thorough cleansing between polishing mediums is all that is needed to insure no cross-contamination. Cleanup with alcohol, soap and water, 3M scrubber, and Bon-ami kitchen cleanser, or similar, will ensure a clean surface for your next polishing medium.

See Lightning Lap's Free Instructions for more details. The LL-NAT-Lite Topper Polishing System is the same product as the original LL, except with a thin thickness. It must be used on a master lap, which is also available on Cutting Edge Supply.

Click here to find frequently asked questions about Lightning Laps.

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