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Magnetic Polishing Flat Laps

Manufacturer: Diamond Pacific

Availability: Ships from Supplier with a 2-3 week lead time

Diamond Pacific’s Magnetic Nova Laps give you the fast polishing performance of Novas combined with the convenience of an easy on–off magnetic lap. They attach right onto most flat laps and are easily removed.

Magnetic Nova Laps have a 1 ⁄16" thick backing of solid rubber containing magnetized iron particles so the laps will adhere to a cast iron, steel or nickel plated lap. The rubber is coated with a thick layer of our special Nova resin-bond diamond formula for fast action and lasting service. The surface of the Magnetic Nova is made with a grid pattern for better performance.

You can use the Magnetic Novas on your present flat lap set-up in most cases, but they will not work on aluminum or diamond coated discs.

Our recommended general purpose grit sequence for sanding and polishing most flats, is to use Magnetic Nova Laps in 30, 60, 280, 600 and 1200 grits, followed by our Super Premium Cerium Oxide Polish on a felt pad. This sequence works especially well when used with our RL laps. For deep saw marks you may add a coarse Diamond Plated Disc. Other sequences may be used with excellent results depending on the material to be polished.

We recommend that Magnetic Novas in diameters 12" and larger be used with 1" arbor holes. The hole prevents the "dead" center of the revolving lap from "grabbing" your work piece, yet does not prevent you from using the entire surface of the lap. The 24" Magnetic Novas are SPECIAL ORDER.