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Index Gears

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$74.00 - $205.00
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Manufacturer: Ultra Tec

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The ULTRA TEC Mast comes with a 96 Index Gear (the most often used).  Faceting designs specify the Index Gear.  The 96 and 64 Index Gears cover about 80% of published designs.  Changing Index Gears takes only a few minutes.  The symmetry of a design depends on which numbers divide evenly into the available number of teeth on the Index gear.  For example, a five-sided design will use an 80 Index Gear.  A three-sided design with use a 72 or 96 Index gear.  And so on.  Why does a designer choose one or another when both will allow the same number of sides?  Well, the more teeth, the more subtlety of design is possible. 

Index gears available are:  32 – 64 – 72 – 77 – 80 – 96 – 120.