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Greenway Lap

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Manufacturer: Gearloose

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The success of the Chrome Oxide BATTSTIKs™ in polishing quartzes as well as garnets, tourmaline, the feldspars and peridot did encourage me to incorporate the boundary layer self-burnishing lubrication system used in the DIASTIKs™, together with a hydrophilically-modified version of the Darkside polymer, into a Chrome Oxide polymer “Just Add Water” lap. The polymer has further been modified to allow exceptionally high oxide loading.

 Slightly more aggressive than Cerium Oxide on polishing quartzes, it is much more versatile than the Ceria compositions. It does not polish quickly on topaz or spinel, however, and it will probably not be a good candidate for sapphire.

 It HAS been a hit with tourmaline, all the beryls including emerald, the quartzes, peridot, garnets, and the feldspars. Others will no doubt find success with other minerals, Update: Tanzanite report just came in!

For those who want the speed and versatility of Chrome Oxide in a “Just Add Water” lap, with NO green mess… Here it is!