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GemLightbox Macro

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Manufacturer: GemLightBox

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Take photos and videos of your loose stones!

The GemLightbox Macro was engineered using market-leading technology to capture spectacular 10X magnified images and videos of loose diamonds and gemstones ranging from 0.10ct to 50ct in just one click – using your own smartphone!

Accessories included:

  • 3 Small stone holders (for under 1ct) black, grey & white
  • 3 Medium stone holders (for under 10ct) black, grey & white
  • 3 Large stone holders (for 10ct to 50ct) black, grey & white

Other Info:

  • 4 lighting options: Light your photos like a professional with 4 lighting options for utmost color accuracy.
  • One-click photography: Save time! Professional studio-quality photos in one click using your smartphone.
  • 10X Macro: 10X magnification lens to capture all the details of your gemstone or diamond
  • Melee to boulder: Macro supports imaging loose stones of all types from 0.10ct to 50ct in size