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Dragon Stone - 25LBS

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$112.50 - $112.50
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Vendor: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs

Pieces: 3-8pcs

Weight: 25 LBS

Mohs Hardness: 5 - 5.5

Location: Australia

This is rare/unusual high grade Dragon Stone from Western Australia. Dragon Stone is a Fuchsite Chert that is primarily a bright emerald green with occasional red streaks that run through it. This material can be polished to a mirror finish and cuts wonderful cabochons, carvings, and other stones. Dragon Stone is cryptocrystalline quartz that metamorphosed from Fuchsite. Very little of this material is found every year and is not usually readily available.

We also have some very large pieces available as well. (25-60LBS boulders of pure green dragon stone.) Contact us if you are interested.