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Black Friday Deals!!! Check the “On Sale Collection”
Black Friday Deals!!! Check the “On Sale Collection”

Ultra-Tec Dops

Original price $9.00 - Original price $16.00
Original price
$9.00 - $16.00
Current price $9.00
Manufacturer: Ultra Tec

Availability: Ships from Supplier, 1-2 week average lead time.

We offer a large range of DOPS in Flat (F), Cavity (C), and V configurations.  Standard “F” and “C” Dops are keyed, while “V” Dops are not–(because long-sided stones, like those cut in the “V” Dop, are best aligned using the long girdle facet.

There are also SPECIAL DOPS, such as rectangular Emerald Dops, in F and V configurations, Thin Emerald Dops for tourmaline, and Pot Dops–which are oblong (“roasting pan” shaped) for transfer of Marquise or Ovals.  For the same reason that V Dops are not keyed, Pot Dops are not keyed.  Refer to the price list for sizes.

Check out our blog post "The Ultimate Guide to Dopping a Gemstone for Faceting/Cabbing" to find out how to use this product for dopping a gemstone.