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Diamond Plated Rods

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$2.25 - $7.00
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Electroplated Rods

Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Usually ships within 24hrs from CES Warehouse

These Cutting Edge Supply diamond rods are a versatile tool used mainly for cutting glass, stone, and other hard materials. You can be sure that a 7mm is going to be a 7mm rod. They are precision made to ensure the exact diameters every time.

Use the rods for hand filing, in a drill press, or to facet concaves. (To use with an Ultra-Tec Fantasy Machine, these rods will need to be cut down in length.) They are plated with #320 grit diamond. The rod is the same diameter all the way down.

Length of Rod: 150mm

Electroplated Surface Length: 50mm