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Diamond Paste

by Hi-Tech
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Gemstone Polishing Diamond Compound

Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Diamond 

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs.

Hi-Tech diamond paste is a high quality paste that puts a beautiful polish on your gemstones. Use it to charge your lapidary tools, polishing pads and buffing pads. Diamond paste comes packaged in a convenient, disposable syringe. We offer a large variety of grits available in 2-gram, 5-gram and 10-gram syringes.

Our diamond paste puts a fast, beautiful polish on your gemstones. The paste is made with a strong concentrate of high quality diamonds suspended in an oil-based carrier (except the 100,000#, 50,000# and 14,000#, those are made with a water-based carrier). Each grit is color coded for easy identification and conveniently packaged in disposable syringes.

Choose from 220#, 325#, 600#, 1,200#, 3,000#, 8,000#, 14,000#, 50,000# and 100,000# grits.
2-gram, 5-gram and 10-gram syringes available.