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Cylinder Diamond Bur/ Felt

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$5.00 - $22.50
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Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

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Cutting Edge Supply's Cylinder Diamond Burs are used to cut gemstone, glass, rock, and other hard materials. They are specifically manufactured for concave cutters. The electroplated diamond burs are plated with fine, consistent grit that will leave a perfect finish for facetors to begin a sanding/pre-polish stage. 

The diamond burs have are durable and last a long time if used properly. The burs should always be used with water. Do not let them run dry! It will ruin the bur and possible the material you are working on.

Bur Length (Including Shaft): 2.5 Inches

Bur Length (Not Including Shaft): 1.5 Inches

-6mm Bur Shank Size: 1/8"

-13mm & 19mm Bur Shank Size: 1/4"

The diamond burs have felt burs that correspond in size. The felt mandrels make polishing your concaves easy! They are very hard felt that keep their shape well. They are durable and do not break down easily. They can be charged with your polishing media of choice. Diamond paste/powder works great as well as different oxide slurries. The felt are sold individually.

Felt Bur Length (Including Shaft): 2.5 Inches

Felt Bur Length (Not Including Shaft): 1.5 Inches

-6mm Felt Bur Shank Size: 1/8"

-13mm & 19mm Felt Bur Shank Size: 1/4"