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Covington Deluxe Tumbler

Original price $450.00 - Original price $460.00
Original price
$450.00 - $460.00
Current price $450.00
Manufacturer: Covington Engineering

Availability: Ships from Supplier, 16 week average lead time.

The Covington Deluxe Tumbler features a unique 3-way tumbling action that quickly tumbles material. A Covington exclusive, the hexagonal barrel aids in abrasion by:

1.) Tumbling in the bottom corner of the barrel with criss-cross and side-to-side action.
2.) Forcing the pieces to change position six times per revolution.
3.) Moving a portion of the pieces gently up and down while rotating.

The slanted barrel allows easy access for checking progress. This unit is ideal for tumbling gold and silver castings, glass,  and gemstones. The tumbler comes complete with instructions and product guarantee.

  • Unique 3-way Tumbling Action
  • Solid Polyvinyl Barrel
  • Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • DuPont Nylon Bearings
  • Fan Cooled Motor
  • Available in 220V, 50Hz
Weight: 21.00 LBS
Instructions: Download
Schematics: Download
Safety Demands: Download
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