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Black Friday Deals!!! Check the “On Sale Collection”
Black Friday Deals!!! Check the “On Sale Collection”

Chrysocolla - 1LBS

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Vendor: Cutting Edge Supply

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs

Location: Mexico

Mohs Hardness: 4

This is a 1LBS bag of misc pieces of chrysocolla/malachite sourced from Mexico. Each bag has a range of wonderful colors and sizes. The pieces range in size from golf ball sized to M&M size. This bag gives a great selection of material for tumblers, inlayers, cabochon cutters, and carvers! Or use the bag to do all of them!

The range of colors and patterns makes each stone unique and different. Polishing is very easy! This material can be polished using Diamond, Red Rouge, or Zam.