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Bullseye Diamond Lap

by Hi-Tech
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Manufacturer: Hi-Tech

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These electroplated laps feature three (3) rings of diamond grit, and come in two different options.

They are 8" Diameter - standard ½" centre hole.

Bull's-Eye Laps are an excellent choice for applications that do not need a lot of grinding or polishing surface area.  If you are using laps just for grinding small stones these will work well and save you time changing laps.
  • one inner ring of #3000 diamond 
  • our middle ring of #1200 diamond
  • one outer ring of #600 diamond
  • one inner ring of #260 diamond
  • our middle ring of #180 diamond
  • one outer ring of #80 diamond 
NOTE: Must be used with water. Needs to be run with a master lap (we recommend the magnetic one for security).

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