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Manufacturer: Gearloose

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The BATTSTIKs were developed to reduce the mess and waste commonly experienced with oxide slurries.  There is a natural tendency is to use too much oxide slurry – when the answer to oxide polishing problems is often to use less.  And that’s exactly what BATTSTIKs do for you – it applies the small amount of oxide needed –  and trains you not to use too much of the oxide when only a thin film is needed. 

A BATTSTIK™ looks and works like a crayon, – you touch the BATTSTIK™ to the Lap, with the Lap rotating slowly, using a slow drip of water (or a light water mist), and  move the BATTSTiK slowly outward  flow-melting the water soluble oxide onto the Lap surface – forming a thin uniform film on the lap.  Ready to polish. 

BATTSTIK is available in Alumina A, Chrome Oxide, Zirconium Oxide and Cerium Oxide. 

They should be stored in a cool dry place.

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