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Batt Lap

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Manufacturer: Gearloose

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The BATT™ is the standard for tin alloy laps. With more than 8,000 sold, it has established itself in Commerce and Competition time and again.

A SOLID cast tin alloy lap, with two usable sides, it still sells for significantly less than many commercial rolled tin laminated laps.

Reliable, Durable Lap

BATT™ alloy laps are now used by thousands of gemcutters. Because they are solid castings, they may be resurfaced many times, to provide years of use!

Perfect Pre-polish

A BATT™ lap charged with 3,000 diamond (Or 8,000) provides a perfect pre-polish after cutting with 600, with a surface good enough to allow subsequent polishing in record time, on stones from Fluorite to Sapphire. A BATT™ lap charged with 50K or finer, or an oxide/ Darkside for the quartzes, promptly finishes the stone.

Check out our blog post "Gearloose Faceting Lap Application Chart" to find out more about what stones this polishing lap works best with.

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