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A2 Brutus Topper Lap

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Manufacturer: Lightning Laps

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The LLA2-Brutus is part of the LIGHTNING LAP Polishing System, which is sure to change the way you've been polishing gemstones. Expect fast, flat, aggressive polishing on many soft to hard materials. Use only water for lubrication. The A2-BRUTUS is Coated with a special alumina/ is durable enough to polish many stones before resurfacing is required.

Due to a larger micron size, the 9-mohs hardness, LLA2-Brutus is a fast, more aggressive Alumina polishing lap. It can remove gem material while polishing.

The A2-BRUTUS works very well on gems such as Beryl, Tourmaline, Topaz, and many hard stones over 8-9 mohs, as well as some soft gem materials, such as Fluorite.

Use only water with the A2-BRUTUS to keep the stone cool, and to flush the swarf away. The A2-BRUTUS is very durable. Number, size and species of stones being polished, as well as technique, will determine the life of any lap!

Try the LL-A2 BRUTUS today! You'll be glad you did! Oxides have been the choice of polishers since man began to make stones sparkle. This is a must have for your polishing bench! When diamond polishes just won't finish it right, try the LL-A2-BRUTUS today! You'll be glad you did.

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Check out our blog "Lightning Lap Application Chart" to find out which stones this lap will polish. Or click here to find frequently asked questions about Lightning Laps.

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