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8RL 8"

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8in Flat Lap

Manufacturer: Diamond Pacific

Availability: Ships from Supplier, Out of stock until August

This smaller lap machine is great for small flats and flat surface lapping. This portable and affordable lap will fit on most benchtops and in most small work areas.

This machine is capable of polishing most small slabs, bookends and pen stands etc. that would be produced by a small slab saw essential to any lapidary's toolset.

The 8RL was designed with our Magnetic Nova's in mind. Magnetic Nova's are Ideal for use with the 8RL Rotary Lap. Changing grits with Magnetic Nova's is quick and easy, one Magnetic Nova is removed and replaced with a subsequent grit.

Our diamond Magnetic Nova's are the fastest and most efficient way to lap . Our recommended grit sequence for Magnetic Nova's for the 8RL is 30, 60, 280, 600, 1200 and 3000 grits followed by Super Premium Cerium Oxide Polish on a felt Pad. Other grit sequences are available and can be used to suit various needs.

Machine tanks are heavy duty fabricated with powder coating. The 8RL Tank measures 12"x 14" by 17" deep. Overall height is 27".

Drip style water reservoir has an adjustable valve to regulate flow of water. The drip spout is easily moved as needed.

  • Magnetic Nova laps are not included.

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