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60/80 Tumbling/Lapping Grit

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Silicon Carbide Tumbling Grit

Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply
Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs.

This is a blend of 99.99% pure #60g and #80g Silicon Carbide Grit. This Grit Powder is some of the highest quality blasting, tumbling, and lapping media on the market today. Silicon Carbide is harder than Aluminum Oxide which makes it one of the fastest cutting abrasives used for cutting glass, gemstone, metal, and ceramics. Silicon Carbide is actually extremely durable which makes it last a very long time during the cutting/blasting processes. It can be used over and over again without having a problem. Over time the Silicon Carbide will break down into finer grits that can be used in different stages of your projects. Silicon Carbide can not be scratched or marred by other materials because it is a 9 on the Mohs Hardness scale, which makes it perfect for aggressive cutting. In return saving you time and money during your jobs.

Cutting Edge Supply's Silicon Carbide Grit has been graded to extreme standards to ensure that the finish would be even, consistent, and clean for everyone's applications. It has been sifted multiple times and hand inspected for quality, workmanship, and grade consistency. This silicon carbide can be used for tumbling gemstones, micro-etching glass, metal/stone engraving, and high performance frosting/blasting.

Cutting Edge Supply's Silicon Carbide Grit comes in a nice box and bag to allow you to keep your different grits of silicon carbide organized and separated. Plus, we strive to have some of the best prices available!

This silicon carbide grit can also be used in larger applications, like making different tooling for the woodworking industry, lapidary industry, jewelry industry, bulletproof clothing, and more! If you are looking for bulk prices (Over 500lbs) please contact us for shipping quotes and bulk pricing. 

Shipping Outside The USA?

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