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27 inch VIBRO-LAP

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Vibrating Flat Lap

Manufacturer: Diamond Pacific

Availability: Ships from Supplier, 10-12 week average lead time.

A unique double action works for you, while the Vi-Bro-Lap plates oscillate work-pieces rotates! This gives faster grinding surface speed: distributes abrasives, assures a flat polished surface, and equalizes wear on lap plate. The Vi-Bro-Lap can accommodate a number of pieces at the same time. The tempered aluminum lap plate is grooved in a criss-cross pattern. This permits abrasive particles to circulate between the lap plate and the work piece so that the abrasive itself is continuously being crushed to a smaller size. When the work piece surface is ground flat and satin smooth, the lap plate is turned over to the other side on which a polishing pad is cemented. Using a polishing compound of your choice on the pad, a fine mirror like finish is produced. Suspension is controlled by aircraft strength cable, adjustable for fine leveling to keep work pieces evenly distributed over the lap plate surface. Fame is welded, fabricated steel for stability. Comes with 1/3 HP motor Polish pad and Galvanized circle 27" Vi-Bro-Lap measures 28" wide x 28" deep x 30" high. This item is shipped from California. Contact is for estimated crating fee and shipping. Shipping calculated at checkout is not accurate.


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