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10in Trim/Slab Saw

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$1,475.00 - $1,575.00
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Lapidary Slab/Trim Saw

Manufacturer: Diamond Pacific

Availability: Ships from Supplier with a 10-12 week lead time


First, this saw has all the features needed to make it a versatile trim and slab saw. Easy to use as a trim saw because the vise rotates off to one side tofree the table for trimming. With the vise in place, you can slab rocks up to 312" in diameter. Table measures

12" W x 17" L. Overall size approx. 29 12" L x 18" W.

Second, it's built solid and rugged with cast aluminum construction with a durable, impact-resistant finish. Arbor shaft is 58" steel with lubricated, factory sealed ball bearings, and an extra neoprene oil seal on the tank side.

This saw must be used with oil as a coolant. We rec- ommend Roc-Oil, for fast cutting without the usual disadvantages of oil. (See page 47.) Takes approx.

12 gal. coolant

Vise jaws are steel plate with hardwood facings. Designed for a time-tested, economical gravity feed system, the vise has 112" lateral movement for cross-feeding and adjustable stop guide for constant thickness cuts.

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