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Pop-Out Bushings

by Hi-Tech
Original price €1,95 - Original price €1,95
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€1,95 - €1,95
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Manufacturer: Hi Tech Diamond

Availability: Ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs.

Used to accommodate 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1"

These telescopic bushings reduce the arbor hole size for you cabbing wheels. This way they can properly fit onto the size arbor shaft you have. They can reduce a 1in hole to 3/4in, 5/8in, and 1/2in. These telescopic bushings come with all of the CabKing cabbing wheels, not including their expandable Rubber Drums. They can also be used to reduce the size of Nova Cabbing wheels in order to fit the Diamond Pacific cabbing machines.