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One of the most trusted diamond compounds on the market! Try it today!

Super Polish Diamond Compound

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Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Supply

This compound is the best gem polishing compound on the market. It comes in three different grits. It is completely water soluble and requires very little to polish. It will sand and go all the way up to a polish on any material that you put it to!

These jars hold 5 grams of compound.

Check out our blog post "How to Sand a Gemstone" to find out more on how to use these.

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Garnet cut by Nick Alexander

Ametrine cut by Darryl Alexander

Oregon Sunstone from the Pana Mine

All three of these stones were sanded and polished by Cutting Edge Supply Gem Polishing Compound. This compound works better than anything you will find on the market! It will leave a glass-like finish when you are done!


Send pictures of the stones that you cut with Cutting Edge Supply tools to have the chance to be featured on the Cutting Edge Supply website!


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