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Darkside Lap

Original price €74,95 - Original price €107,95
Original price
€74,95 - €107,95
Current price €74,95
Manufacturer: Gearloose

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs

The Darkside™ was created to address the rising metals prices and to create an affordable easy-to-charge and use lap. They immediately became popular with people who always had trouble charging a metal lap.

But there were surprises in store: The Darkside outperformed expectations and has been adopted by many professional production cutters. In particular, they are the "Magic bullet" for quartzes when used with Cerium, Zirconium, or Chromium Oxides.

Suppose we took the ease of a Corian-type lap, coupled with the speed of a composite lap, but reduced wearing and heating?

Now add polar and nonpolar domains to allow the use of the whole range of diamond and oxide polishes.

The lap quickly breaks in on the first stone, without the charging process needed for metal laps, making it user-friendly for beginners.

Check out our blog post "Gearloose Faceting Lap Application Chart" to find out more about what stones this polishing lap works best with.