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Cylinder Diamond Bur

by Hi-Tech
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€1,95 - €18,95
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Plated Cylinder Carving Bur

Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Diamond 

Availability: Usually ships from CES Warehouse within 24hrs.

Hi-Tech Diamond cylinder-shaped diamond burs are perfect for carving, grinding and pre-forming both hard and soft material such as glass, stones, ceramics, bone and metals. They conveniently fit into a Foredom, Dremel with 3/32″ collet, or any flex shaft hand piece that accepts 3/32″ diameter shank. Choose from ten different diameter sizes, 1 mm through 10 mm.

Each Hi-Tech Diamond cylinder diamond bur is evenly electroplated with 120# diamond grit and impregnated onto steel, providing excellent quality for carving, grinding and pre-forming glass, stones, ceramics, bone and metals. The diamonds are locked into place to provide an extremely aggressive grinding rate. Simply lubricate with clean water before and during use.

Each bur has a 1-1/2" long mandrel shank that's 3/32" in diameter and conveniently fits into a Foredom, Dremel with 3/32" collet or any flex shaft hand piece that accepts 3/32" diameter shank. Burs are sold individually.

Please note: The diameter size refers to the approximate maximum width of the bur. On smaller bur diameters, the shape is less defined due to the small size.

Shank size: 3/32"