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Why Choose Cutting Edge Supply?

Why Choose Cutting Edge Supply?


Cutting Edge Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of Lapidary/Jewelry Products since late 2019. It was started by two Lapidary Artists, who together have won over 50+ National Lapidary and Jewelry Awards. Some of these awards include the AGTA Spectrum Awards, American Pearl Design Competition, and Gemmy Awards.

Over the years these two Lapidary Artists, Nick and Darryl Alexander, had gained a lot of knowledge about tooling in the industry. They wanted to share what they knew with everyone they could, therefore starting Cutting Edge Supply. They are working with the CES team daily to manage and help the company to continue selling high-quality tools.


Tested, Proven, and Reliable

On Cutting Edge Supply's website you will find a very large selection of different tools that have all been handpicked for quality, performance, durability, and efficiency. Each and every tool has been tested, and proven by lapidary artists around the world to be high-quality and efficient products.

Along with that you will find heaps of information about cutting techniques, tips about tools, and even videos on how to properly use the tools you are purchasing.

At Cutting Edge Supply, we strive to give you more than just a product. Every item you buy at Cutting Edge Supply has been thoroughly researched so that you can feel confident with every purchase. You are helping us build more products, provide more videos, and write more articles when you shop with us. We want every dollar you spend to end up coming back to you!

Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have and we will be happy to assist! We have a team of highly knowledgeable people to help with any problem!

Great Lapidary/ Jewelry Community

When you make a purchase at Cutting Edge Supply you are immediately part of the Cutting Edge Supply Lapidary Community that is growing every single day! Our teams main focus is to maintain high-quality customer service and grow our beautiful community.

In this industry many well know that community and friendships are some of the greatest things you can find. Trade shows, Rock Clubs, and Art Fests are the foundation of how many people gained interest in this art. C.E.S. wants to mimic that same amazing community over our website.

On Lapidary Library you will find articles where many people go to find new information about gemstones, how to cut them, and other interesting articles that bring us all together and closer. Feel free to comment and ask questions at the bottom of our articles! We love to see conversations and questions at the bottom of our blogs. We will be sure to answer them!

Follow us on Social Media to be apart of our amazing following! C.E.S. posts about new tools on the market, featured deals on the site, and upcoming events in the industry!

"Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared"

- Bill Gates -

Wide Range of Products at Great Prices

Cutting Edge Supply works hard to bring you the widest and most complete selection of Lapidary tools. We have everything you need in order to tumble polish, facet, carve, or cab gemstones. Along with that you will find a wide range of different products for jewelry, rockhounding, woodworking, and glass cutting.

We not only bring you the most complete selection of lapidary tools, but we also bring them to you at the lowest prices possible! You can feel well-assured that the products you are buying are going to be at the absolute best prices!

Our wide range of tools comes from quite a few different manufacturers. Each of our manufacturers have been in business for 10+ years and are well-respected by the industry.

Cutting Edge Supply also warranties all of their equipment for 1 year after you purchase. Whether the original manufacturer has a warranty or not, we will cover anything that goes wrong with the machine. (As long as it was not inflicted or self-caused)

Quick Delivery

We have over 500+ products that will ship the same day you order them! Find a huge selection of tools that you could have tomorrow.

Secure Payments

At C.E.S. we offer extremely secure payment options that include Paypal, Debit/Credit Card, and lay-a-way options.

Simple Returns

Extremely simple and hassle-free returns! If you have any reason or problem at all with a product that you recieve, contact us and we will take care of it al

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