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Ways To Be a More Ethical Jewelry Maker

Ways To Be a More Ethical Jewelry Maker

While being a lapidary is very fun, rewarding, and engaging, it does have certain negative impacts on the environment and human labor. Luckily, there are many ways to be a more ethical jewelry maker without breaking the bank or requiring more effort!

Limit Your Waste

Limiting your waste is the absolute best way to become a more ethical jewelry maker, as the carbon footprint of making jewelry is quite significant. How exactly can you cut down on your environmental impact? For starters, it’s a good idea to consider sourcing recycled materials, like scrap metals or waste from other projects. You can even repurpose damaged items like cracked or fractured gemstones!

Secondly, you should always recycle leftover materials that are unusable, along with other items used such as plastics, glasses, and papers. Ensure you follow your local recycling laws before separating your waste.

Seek Out Fair Trade Materials

One of the biggest negative impacts related to jewelry making (specifically sourcing) is exploitation. Many of the metals and gems you purchase come from developing countries where certain workers are extorted for their labor. You must ensure you only buy ethically sourced gemstones and materials from fair trade businesses and organizations. These entities ensure that the workers collecting these items receive proper pay, education, housing, and food. Consider purchasing lab-grown gems, as these are identical to natural ones, cost significantly less, and are 100% ethically sourced.

Distribute Responsibly

If your lapidary endeavors lead to a career, you’ll eventually require a robust distribution system to get your products to customers quickly and effectively. The distribution of products has a significant environmental impact that requires some creative thinking to properly curb. For instance, consider using small, reusable, and bio-degradable packaging to cut down on waste. Never include unnecessary packaging when shipping products to customers. Also, ensure you have an electronic payment or receipt system to further reduce paper consumption.

By following these three tips, you can become a more ethical jewelry maker within the industry. For additional support or products related to jewelry making, check out our excellent selection here at Cutting Edge Supply.

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