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Tips for Organizing Professional Jewelry Making Tools

Tips for Organizing Professional Jewelry Making Tools

Organization is important since it keeps you aware of your inventory and what you need to buy. The same is true when it comes to your jewelry-making supplies. And by keeping everything organized, you also keep it safe. Read up on some tips for organizing professional jewelry making tools!

Use a Toolbox

When it comes to materials and smaller handheld tools, consider storing them in a toolbox. This gives these items a home for safekeeping. Many experts recommend using a toolbox with drawers so that you can organize items vertically. Having an organization system makes it much easier to keep everything where it belongs, which also lessens the risk of losing essential items.

Create an Organization System

Having an organization system makes it easy to sort different materials and tools. For example, consider arranging your gemstones according to color, shape, and type. Keeping them in a safe container according to these criteria will make it much easier to find what you need whenever you create a piece.

You should also keep cabochons separate from faceted stones, chains, metal and other essentials. If you use a toolbox or storage shelf, keep these items in different locations so that you don’t mix things up or struggle to find materials.

Pro Tip

Consider keeping smaller containers inside a large one. Relying solely on a large container makes it easier to lose materials, but you can easily organize all of your supplies by keeping small containers inside a large one. Likewise, you can use dividers to partition areas as you separate similar materials into different shapes.

Use Labels

Another tip for organizing professional jewelry making tools is to use labels, as this makes it easier to know what’s in each container. Better yet, you won’t waste time opening drawers as you search around for what you need. If you keep all your rose quartz in a single container, create a label for this. While this keeps you organized, it also helps you know what materials you’re low on and need to buy.

Keep Things Easily Accessible

Regularly used items like hand tools should be easy to access since you’ll use them frequently. Keep these at the top of your jewelry-making toolbox so that you always know where they are. The more visible things are, the easier it is to grab them when you’re crafting. And remember to put supplies away as soon as you finish using them to lessen the risk of losing or damaging your tools.

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