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Tips for Maintaining Your Gemstone Cutting Equipment

Tips for Maintaining Your Gemstone Cutting Equipment

When you purchase equipment for an exciting hobby like lapidary, it’s important that you buy high-quality equipment since it’ll last quite some time. However, it’s just as important that you take care of your tools and machines, so they don’t break down sooner than expected. Discover several tips for maintaining your gemstone cutting equipment with these expert tips.

Use the Machine Correctly

Before you begin using your tools, make sure you have a complete and proper understanding of using this tool. Take time to read through the manual and watch online tutorials. By misusing the machine, it could break down sooner than expected. To prevent this from happening, take time to clean your equipment after using it.

When it comes to tips for maintaining your gemstone cutting equipment such as your lapidary cabbing machine, lapidary experts recommend you use the proper grinding techniques and water flow to ensure long lasting supplies. In addition, you should move the gemstone side-to-side to ensure your wheel wears evenly.

Safely Store Items

Like any other tool, everything should have a place and remain there when it’s not in use. If you have a dedicated workshop in your home, then make sure supplies like your cabbing machine, tumbling machine, and saws are put away and stored correctly. Plus, various cutting and faceting tools should remain separately contained in one place as well. Smaller items like drill bits or diamond grit powder should stay in a safe spot like a toolbox.

Inspect Tools Regularly

Before and after using your gemstone cutting equipment, you should inspect it for possible signs of damage. Additionally, keep track of when you replace various parts—such as wheels on your cabbing machine—to keep your maintenance on a schedule. Check your saw blades for any rust and make sure any flat laps you used have been dried before you stop working.

Expert Tip

When you first purchase essential tools, you should take time to read through the owner’s manual. All machines and devices have different maintenance requirements and recommendations. This also ensures you fully understand how to use each tool. If you cannot find the manual to a certain item, please contact us and we can help!

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