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Lightning Lap Faceting Application Chart

Lightning Lap Faceting Application Chart

Cutting Edge Supply wants to start helping our customers! We know a lot of them are still learning, and we want to be there to teach them! 

We want you to know that you can always come to us to answer your questions. Feel free to comment your thoughts, ideas, or questions on any blog post! We would like to start building a very cohesive community inside Cutting Edge Supply. Everyone has their own technique, and style, of cutting. We believe that it is important for everyone to share their knowledge with others, and to help make everyone better. 

Darryl Alexander, as well as Nick Alexander, the founders of Cutting Edge Supply and Nationally Awarded Gem Cutters, will be answering and posting new material every week. 

This chart here is extremely valuable for seasoned facetors and any beginner. In the left column a list of gemstones is given. Depending on the material that you are cutting decides what process you will go through to polish the stone. In the columns to the right it goes through the different stages, custom to that material. Follow the chart and cut with the laps it tells you and it will be a breeze!

This chart was produced by Lightning Laps and is biased to their product. However we strongly suggest using Lightning Lap product because of their high efficiency and long lasting life. You can still use other products in your faceting process to achieve to same result, but this is a very good outline for any beginners or for reference.

Click here to see our Lightning Laps.

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