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Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners

Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners

Jewelry Making Tips for Beginners

Joining the jewelry-making business can be tricky; there are various tools to gather, terminology to understand, and skills to polish. Everyone should know these jewelry-making tips for beginners before they start this journey on a fun and hopefully successful path. By grasping these guidelines, you'll understand the importance of having up-to-date knowledge of the industry, what tools you will need to begin, and the different courses you can take that can help. 

Jewelry Tools You Need

There are a lot of different jewelry tools on the market and choosing the right ones can be tricky. Especially when you are just beginning. At first you will need to get the basic tools to cut metal, shape metal, and solder. These will be the three most basic fundamentals when learning.

For cutting metal you will need these few tools:

These three tools will allow you to cut out shapes, patterns, and designs in metal. To learn more about cutting metal, we suggest checking out Youtube videos on “jewelry cutting techniques.”

For shaping metal you will need these tools:

These tools will give you the ability to manipulate and shape metal in different ways. You will need a few different pliers in order to achieve different bends, Cutting Edge Supply suggests that you get a variety of pliers with different tips so that you can achieve the different looks you want to incorporate in your designs.

The jewelry hammers you will need vary. Cutting Edge Supply suggests starting with a brass hammer, jewelers hammer, and nylon hammer. These three hammers give you the freedom to manipulate metals in different ways. The EuroTool Texture Hammer Set is also a great way to get a few different hammers at a good price. The texture hammers allow you to incorporate different designs and textures on your metal. Rawhide Mallets are also a great tool to have because they do not mar your metal and allow you to make impactful blows.

For soldering Cutting Edge Supply suggests:

  • Basic Soldering Kit with Dop Pot

This kit will give you everything you need to begin soldering jewelry. We suggest getting the kit with the dop pot because this will allow you to remove any fire scale or residue left over from heating your metals. Soldering will allow you to connect, build, and manipulate your jewelry as you are creating it.

Know Your Gems and Precious Metals

The first jewelry-making tips for beginners are important because if you don't understand the industry, you're more likely to make a mistake. It's essential you purchase and use quality gems and metals, as they're less likely to break, chip, or cause difficulties during the design process.

Buy your metals from trusted sources like Rio Grande, Stuller, or other large distribution companies to ensure you are getting exactly what you are paying for. You can also check out our metal supplies here. All our metals ship within 24hrs of your order being placed.

Furthermore, evaluate your gems for size, rarity, color, and other aspects that gemologists use for gem grading. Moreover, look at the stone's clarity and durability since these elements also relate to the quality of the stone. If you are working with a soft stone then it is more liable to break. Working with hard stones can make setting easier when you are starting. So knowing the materials you are working with is essential. Understand how they should be set, what safety measures to take when cleaning them, and how to handle them when storing.

Getting the Final Necessities

Once you understand the craft, and start gathering the necessary tools and supplies for making jewelry, you will want to think about getting these final jewelry supplies. Including:


As you start making these purchases, check our wide range of supplies that can get you started. Consider purchasing a jewelry buffing unit; it’s used to polish your jewelry once you are finished. This will make the finishing process much easier, or else you have to do it all with a bristle brush.

While buying something cheap saves you money in the short-term, purchasing durable tools is a far better investment, as they're much less likely to break. EuroTool is a wonderful manufacturer who produces high-quality tools at reasonable prices.

Consider starting with Copper or Nickel Silver. This way you don’t have to spend a lot of money on metals when you are starting. These metals can also produce beautiful pieces of jewelry when combined.

Master the Skill

Make sure you master the art of jewelry making by taking various classes, as this will increase your understanding of the skill and help you gather design tips once you begin the process. As you do this, read online articles about your tools—Cutting Edge Supply Co. offers many informative articles on the tools you'll be using, so you can purchase the best ones. Our article list is growing so keep an eye out for new articles.

Another valuable location to find information is Youtube. Visual explanations can make learning jewelry techniques very easy. You will find many different classes, lessons, and brief videos on everything you need to get started. Check to see if there are local jewelry making clubs/classes near you. These clubs/classes can help you exponentially when you are starting because an instructor can sit with you and explain different techniques while you are working.

As you go through this process and start creating, set aside a space for crafting jewelry to keep your materials organized and protect your tools. If you have a spot for them, they're less likely to break or go missing.

Find jewelry making books that explain how to do different tasks within jewelry making. Find a selection here. These books will give you the knowledge you need in order to preform at your highest potential. They will also be very good references in the future.

Start Selling

Finally, once you have learned some jewelry making techniques, you will want to begin selling your jewelry. The easiest way to start selling is on an online platform like Etsy. It is very low cost and it puts you in front of a lot of eyes. Make sure to take good photos of your jewelry pieces while posting so that you get good reception from fellow artists and clients.

Don’t get discouraged if they do not start flying off the shelf. It takes time to build a following so keep at it. The longer you persist the more of a chance you will gain a good fan base. Your goal is to build a large enough fan base so that it can support you making jewelry full-time.

In Conclusion

Getting started in the jewelry industry can be difficult however with some determination and hard work, it is very feasible. Find a good niche within the jewelry industry where you fit in. Do you like wire wrapping, traditional jewelry work, precious metals? There are tons of ways to find your place in the wonderful jewelry marketplace, and if done correctly, it can be very lucrative. Get the correct tooling and education if you are wanting to take it on as a profession.

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