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How Jewelers Remove Scratches and Imperfections on Gemstones

How Jewelers Remove Scratches and Imperfections on Gemstones

Do you have a scuffed-up gem and find yourself wondering how jewelers remove scratches and imperfections on gemstones? You can remove some scratches during the cutting process as you buff out the stone and get rid of certain imperfections; however, jewelers also do this by utilizing specialized sandpaper, grits, or polishes.

Evaluate Your Material

Before polishing a stone, you must evaluate the material and imperfections; not doing so could result in a broken gemstone. One of the best ways of removing imperfections from your stone is by using either diamond polishing compound or a buffing wheel.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to use a sanding material with the wrong grit, as it may cause the stone to break or cause more scratches. If you are just trying to take out a surface scratch them try using a diamond compound around #3000 grit. Once you have buffed the scratch out with a bristle brush or buffing wheel, you should check to see how it looks. If it looks like it still needs polished, try going to an #8000 grit and doing a final buff.

Every material has a different hardness and knowing this is crucial to the process. Moreover, this process only removes what’s on the surface, as trying to eliminate an imperfection that runs deep could also break the stone. If the imperfection runs deep then the stone might need to be re-faceted or sanded by a professional. Depending on what kind of stone it is it could cost anywhere from $50-200 to be recut.

Utilize Sanding Materials

Sometimes a jeweler will use a polishing wheel or a Dremel to shine stones; moreover, remember to wash your gemstones before sanding them to remove any dust or dirt. Not doing so could result in producing more scratches. Clean your stone between every polishing stage.

Hard felt bobs charged with diamond compound will exfoliate and buff your stones. They will cut a little more than a bristle brush, however if you are not careful you can end up doing more damage because you will cut too much away and it will be visible.

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