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Hand Tools Every Lapidary Professional Needs in Their Tool Kit

Hand Tools Every Lapidary Professional Needs in Their Tool Kit

If someone was going to start a construction job, the first thing they would do is make sure they had the right tools in their kit. They would make sure they had the right-sized screwdrivers, the right type of nails, and the measuring tape and level they needed to make sure they got the job done right. Otherwise, whatever they were building wouldn’t come out the way they planned.

The same is true for the world of gem shaping. Whether you’re an old professional or are just trying your hand at a new skill, having these essential hand tools for your lapidary tool kit is your first step toward crafting the best gems.


Anytime one works with metals, burrs and other imperfections are inevitable. However, when you’re working with smaller gemstones or setting those gemstones into jewelry pieces, removing those imperfections without damaging the entire piece can become challenging.

A burnisher is exactly the lapidary hand tool that every professional needs for removing these kinds of imperfections. Burnishers are long tools with a sharp point, small enough to fit into the grooves of a gem or jewelry piece while still being sharp and sturdy enough to remove burrs.


There are several different types of files you can use as a lapidary, depending on the types of products you want to make. If you’re using wax carvings to create jewelry casts, wider wax files are must-haves for shaping those surfaces.

You will need smaller, more delicate files for finer detail work, such as smoothing the edges of your gemstones. Pillar checkering files are good choices for this. For very precise filing, key files are also helpful because they’re smaller and thinner.

Soldering Picks

If you’re working with smaller, more delicate pieces and you want to avoid applying too much heat, chances are you’ll want to turn to soldering. And for that, you will need a soldering pick.

Many lapidaries will elect to create their own soldering picks out of materials that they already have in their homes or businesses. However, these homemade ones are notorious for having ineffective tips or breaking easily. If you do a significant amount of pick soldering, it’s worth it to invest in a higher-quality pick.

Whether you’re just starting your lapidary career path or are a professional, you need the professional jewelry-making tools to get the job done. Cutting Edge Supply has all these tools and more to help you complete your lapidary tool kit.

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