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Common Lapidary Safety Precautions To Follow

Common Lapidary Safety Precautions To Follow

Jewelry making is a fun, engaging, and potentially financially rewarding experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives. However, this activity isn’t without its hazards, as there are inherent risks that come when working with metal, heat, and sharp tools. Some of the machines used in jewelry making can cause serious injuries or worse. To stay better protected while working, here are three common lapidary safety precautions you should follow at all times.

Wear Your PPE

Machines such as lapidary cabbing equipment require some experience and specific technical skills to properly operate, along with many other tools and devices. As such, it’s important you wear personal protective equipment when operating devices or when working with metal and heat. The only truly essential item of PPE you should invest in is safety glasses or goggles. They help prevent light and heat damage to your eyes. Additionally, they protect your face from flying metal bits and particles and can deter chemical burns and abrasions. If you use heavy stone equipment, always wear a safety helmet, and consider investing in protective gloves.

Get Educated

The best way to prevent accidents and injuries is by being completely educated on the risks present in lapidary work. We highly recommend attending classes and seminars when first starting this activity. The experts can provide you with invaluable insight to assist better your endeavors (and you’ll also pick up some helpful tips for jewelry making in general). Do research ahead of time, such as learning how to properly operate a cabbing machine or use certain wire wrapping tools.

Use Lubricants

You might use blades throughout your lapidary endeavors, which are among the most dangerous tools at your disposal. The biggest risk here is having a blade “jump” and cut a part of your body. This is why lubricants are absolutely essential to all lapidaries; they ensure your blades stay sharp and durable for many years to come. Invest in quality lubricants and use them often when making jewelry.

Follow these common lapidary safety precautions at all times to ensure safety for yourself and others. Plus, these rules will undoubtedly improve your skills as a jewelry maker and help you create better-quality pieces! For additional help and resources, check out our impressive collection of products here at Cutting Edge Supply.

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